• 2007
  • Scion
  • TC
  • Release Series 3.0
  • 65,000
  • $40,000
  • White
  • 2-Door
  • Coupe
  • JTKDE177X70209311
  • 5-Speed-Manual
  • 1/1/1900
  • 4 Cylinders engine
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • 515 BHP
  • 474 BTQ
  • Gasoline
    Water/Meth kit Race fuel tune
  • False
  • Turbocharged
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2012/05/Scion-TC-Release-Series-3-0-for-sale-custom-30395-545018.jpg
  • False
  • 1,300 Miles
  • Yes
  • $80,000
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Hoboken New Jersey

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    2007 Scion tC Release Series 3.0 (only 2,500 built) Car is currently on ebay...http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eB...m=270976052129 For more pics look here.... http://photobucket.com/tcforsale 2007 Ccion tC RS3 515+HP Turbo Road Race / Time Attack / Show Car (PTuning built) This car has been built as a time attack/road race/street/show car. No expense ever spared. This car’s motor build is a replica of the PTUNING’S famous Time Attack car that was the 2008 and 2009 Red Line Time Attack FWD Class Champion. The dyno numbers of 515WHP show a pull at 22psi with no water/meth and on 93 pump gas. I did not want to do any more pulls until I broke in the motor…but never had the time to go back and re-dyno after the break in. With water/meth or race fuel this car can easily handle 650+WHP and 35+psi. All motor work was completed by PTUNING. I have attached a few of the invoices so you can see the amount of $$$ in the car and work. There is easily over $80,000 invested in this car. The car was never raced and never seen a real car show (only local meets). It took years to build this car and unfortunately now that it’s complete I do not have any time to enjoy it with my current job. I am a business owner and have to focus on building up the business rather than spending time on the vehicle. The car is in 100% perfect working condition. I am selling because I have no time to enjoy this car and it deserves to go to someone who will appreciate the build. This car has the potential to be a track car, a show car, a daily driver…whatever you choose. The car was always babied and was barely driven in the past year. Title is clear, no issues whatsoever. I am the original owner. The car was in one very minor fender bender about two months after I purchased it in 2007…lady hit my rear bumper at a red light…all it needed was a re-spray. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind build. I have listed all the modifications as I can remember. Please let me know if you have any questions. Serious buyers only please.
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    100% perfect condition

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