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    • Blacked out USDM Headlights w HID
    • Hirano Garage Hand-Laid Fiberglass Bumper
    • GarageHRS Wide Front Fenders
    • Volk Racing 18x10.5" wheels
    • Buschur Racing Big Race FMIC
    • Nice Dress
    • Bride Reclineable Seats
    • Voltex Wide Rear Fenders
    • Factory Sunroof
    • Cracked Windshied Behind Bag :)
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    So you can rev, huh?

    Maybe you were building proper Civics before F&F. Maybe, you love feather weight screamers. Maybe it's RWD or AWD Turbo for you. Regardless of your choice weapon, find it then take it to the next level.

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    So its all about torque, huh?

    Big displacement, big bore, big power, big torque, fat rears and skinnies. Massive Blowers with a bit of spray (or a lotta spray). 8 cylinders, maybe even 10. We got you covered.

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