• 1994
  • Honda
  • Prelude
  • $11,000
  • Coupe
  • 1/1/1900
  • False
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2010/08/Honda-Prelude--for-sale-custom-25568-4831.JPG
  • False
  • No
  • $20,000

Nolan Moon

South Portland Maine

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    I am Selling my 1994 Honda Prelude (Turbo) 5 Speed, It has a Fully Built h22a1 from Laskey Racing In California. the engine has a little over 3000 miles on it, so its brand new!! it has a stock suspension, breaks, and Map Sensor (So it will only push 10psi on the stock sensor) it has Dyno proven 302HP to the front wheels and 234lbs of Torque. This car is NOT for beginner drivers. I am Getting Rid of the car due to it getting me into to much Trouble with the Law, i need to Move away from the Fast car scene, as much as i love it. I want to sell to someone who will love the car as much as I do. Here are some parts: -CP pistons -Eagle Rods -Benson Sleeved -ported and Polished Head -Tial 38mm Open wastegate -60 Trim Presision Turbo -stage 3 CC Clutch -Quaife LSD -Defi Blue Racer Guages (E.G.T, Boost and Oil Pressure. -Turbo XS Dual Stage Boost Controller (Only one stage set right now due to the stock map sensor) -Greddy EVO2 Exhaust -Custom 3 inch Downpipe -High Flow Cat. -Neuspeed short shifter I know Im missing stuff, i put 20,000 worth of Quality parts into this car. The car Runs incredible and i wish i could keep it, its my baby. But Its not worth the Legal Trouble for me. I have run it at the track, I do ont get traction till 3rd gear, The car ran a 13.9 @ 104mph in the 1/4 Mile, on street tires, in Slickes it will run better, and the Tubo doesnt kick in till arounf 5 grand, it needs more boost, the car is ready for 600+ WHP if you wanted it, just needs suspension and map sensor. i was going ot get a map sensor and put it up to 22psi. but again, Legal issues... :-/ Please Give me a call at 1-207-409-7696 My Name is Nolan. I will answer any questions you have...Im asking $11,000 OBRO!! no Low ballers, or trades, i will NOT take 4000 so dont even bother. This is a Honda you would NEVER expect. if you call PRIVATE, i will not answer! so Leave me a message with you name and Number and i will call you back. Call me anytime.
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    H22A1 Fully Buily by LASKEY RACING, in California
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    Stock, No Rust!!
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    good Condition, but can always use work, what 94 doesnt need a little work :-P
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    I have to get rid of my baby :-(

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