• 1999
  • Honda
  • Civic
  • Si
  • 144,700 Miles
  • $14,500
  • Blue
  • 2-Door
  • Coupe
  • 1HGEM1151XL063015
  • Manual
  • 2/23/2009 11:06:34 AM
  • True
  • Turbocharged
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2009/02/19791_Honda_Civic_128798813478191375.JPG
  • False
  • No
  • $13,000
  • 5500
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Virginia Beach Virginia

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    This motor only has 578 miles on it to this day.
    This is a 600hp setup, but clutch will probably give at roughly 580-600 whp.

    B18B Block
    Stock Sleeves 81.5mm bore
    CP 9:1 Pistons rings gapped to .0019/.0021"
    Eagle Rods
    ARP Headstuds
    ACL Std main bearings all at .0015"
    Clevite 77 Rod bearings all clearances at .0016"
    LS crank micropolished and balanced
    Exedy lightened flywheel
    Competition Clutch 4 puck unsprung with upgraded pressure plate
    Type R oil pump
    Cometic Headgasket
    Golden Eagle Sandwich plate adapter
    Hasport Motor Mounts
    GSR Tranny with QUAIFE LSD
    New 1-4th gear synchros
    Type R FD

    GSR Head
    Edelbrock Victor X Manifold 70mm inlet
    Skunk 2 70mm throttle body
    Supertech valvesprings/retainers
    Supertech Valves
    Viton Valve Seals
    Head was inspected, resurfaced, pressure checked, warp checked, and reassembled by Dover Cylinder Heads of Jacksonville, FL.
    Valve guides checked out perfect - OEM
    GSR Cams
    Skunk 2 Cam Gears
    OEM Timing belt, waterpump, tensioner replaced for this build

    AFI Top Mount Turbo Kit
    T3/T67 H.O Turbo - good for 720hp
    3" 4 bolt downpipe w/flexpipe
    Backdoor intercooler
    KTeller 3" exhaust
    no cat, no resonator

    Fuel/Igntion/PCV setup
    RC 1000cc injectors
    BDL Fuel Rail
    Fast Turbo fuel line kit
    Aeromotive FPR
    WalbroHP 255 pump
    MSD Cap/Rotor
    MSD Blaster Coil
    B&R Fittings Valve Cover drain back kit
    Type R valve cover
    NGK Wires
    Fast Turbo Vacuum Manifold

    Hondata S300 street tuned to 14 psi.
    GM 3 bar map

    DEI Viper Alarm
    20% Tint on sides / 5% rear window
    Polk db6500 Front Components
    Alpine Type R Rear 6x9's

    I cant think of anything else that is on the car. Interior and exterior are in great shape.
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    Here is my 1999 Honda Civic Si Fully built and turbo'd. All the work was done by me and a lot of time was taken to make everything perfect. Originally i wanted to sell it because i lost interest in the hobby of Honda's. Once i street tuned it, i decided to keep it and move on to getting it tuned in the spring to make some pretty sick numbers, but all that ended last night. I really got myself into a bind with this car and im going to need a lot of money to get myself out of it. I think at this point in my life its probably best that I sell it.

    The car IS street tuned to 14psi and it is definitely putting out 400-420whp. All you have to do is get it tuned for more than 14psi and she'll put out roughly 550-580whp! Clutch/Sleeve limited.The only thing left to do to this car is to have a full tune to make some serious power. I can spend another $300-400 to have this tuned and make 500-600whp but I dont want to put any more money in to it. The motor runs strong, doesnt smoke, idles and runs strong, compression test is perfect across the board and the car looks amazing. Over the past couple months I have fully built this car myself to the T. You can ask Joel from SpeedTheory, Stan from Fast Turbo, Mike from Laskey Racing, Shad from Accuracy Automotive, Arnell, and Francisco from RP Racing Va Beach how the car looks.

    I promise you that this will be one of the CLEANEST Electron Blue Pearl Si's you will ever see for sale.

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    The interior is about a 9 out of 10. This is the stock Si interior and it is in VERY good shape. There are no major stains or scraches.
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    Front camber kit
    rear camber kit in hand not installed
    Tanabe springs/stock shocks
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    -There are brand new axles in there but they dont do well with how low the car is so there is some virbation/shaking while accelerating from 2000-3500 rpms. Once the car is raised back up with coil overs it will go away.

    -Will need to have an alignment/balancing done

    -1st gear can be a pain sometimes. For the past couple days it has been hard to get into 1st but will go in with a little effort. Synchromesh tranny fluid will probably fix this but im not sure. There are NO grinds what so ever in this tranny.

    I do not recommend daily driving this car, but it can definitely be done. I would never daily drive it for the sake of putting miles on a fully built car that should be a weekend warrior/track car.

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    The body of this car is about a 9 out of 10. As stated in the general portion of this ad, this is one of the cleanest EBP Si's for sale. There are minor rock chips on the front bumper and the hood is a little beat up on one part where there are scratches. These scratches and dent on the hood are easily forgotten when the rest of the car is immaculate. There are ZERO door dings on this car!

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