• 2010
  • Honda
  • Civic
  • EX
  • R18
  • 55,823
  • $15,500
  • Gray
  • 2-Door
  • Coupe
  • 2HGFG1B82AH526613
  • Automatic
  • 1/1/1900
  • SOHC
  • 1.8l
  • 4 Cylinders engine
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • 240 BHP
    Horsepower results for Jackson Racing Dyno on stock R18 with Supercharger. This is a genreal idea of how much mine is making, probably a little less considering the height.
  • Gasoline
  • True
  • Naturally Aspirated
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2014/01/Honda-R18-Civic-EX-for-sale-custom-34225-333528.JPG
  • True
    For cash negotiation. Not looking for trade in vehicles. 
  • 55,823 Miles
  • 24 mpg
  • Gramlights
  • No
  • Nitto
  • 215/40/17


Surprise Arizona

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    2010 Honda Civic R18 (EX) Coupe- 5 speed Automatic,   **Jackson Racing Rotrex Supercharger Kit (10 psi) with 450 cc injectors and Flashpro (carb legal) **Clean title, fully paid off (MRSP: $20,965) Reason why I am getting rid of the Civic is because I am getting a new car. I need something more practical and I just can’t see the Civic getting parted out. The Civic was an excellent starter vehicle for me, even with the Supercharger, it still gets around 22-24 miles per gallon with mostly city driving. I always took the best care of it, got the maintenance done that needed to be done, parts replaced that needed to be replaced. There was a lot of love and passion that went into this car, the aftermarket parts are high quality. This car is seriously a beast, has been taken on the curvy 89 route to Sedona/Flagsdaff, AZ a couple times and never had issues (even with being slammed on coils). I was easily able to AT LEAST keep up with a NA Si, no dyno has been done on it personally, but it’s getting at least 190 whp (horsepower at the wheels, not the crank).   **Jackson Racing Rotrex Supercharger kit goes through 20,000 miles of beating through the elevation changes of Colorado to the brutal hit of Arizona to the stop and go traffic of California. Maintenance, replaced parts and ‘need-to-know’ information: -Oil is changed every 3,000 miles or 3-4 months, whichever comes first. Mostly have been using Eneos, fully synthetic 5w-20, with the S/C kit, I’ve been using 5w-30. (Will come with an extra quart of Eneos) -Last oil change 1/9/14 at 55723 miles. Mileage will increase a bit, still gets driven once or twice a week. -Use octane 91 (premium) gas ever since March 2013 when I started tuning with VitViper on my Skunk2 exhaust and former Fujita CAI. -Brake pads replaced around 40-45,000 miles with OEM pads. -Tires just replaced in mid-June of 2013, approximately 90% tread left. -2nd battery replaced in late May of 2013. -S/C kit put on mid-June 2013 with about 50,000 miles. Tranny has never had problems and is in good condition. You can look up information or contact Jackson Racing on the S/C kit about the automatic tranny and what to expect. The JR S/C kit for the R18 is made to run on stock internals and not damage anything or need any aftermarket parts. -Has NOT been in any accidents. -Passenger side CV joint has been replaced once. -Motor mount (in engine bay by torque rod) has been replaced in February of 2013 (have email of receipt)  -Tensioner replaced January 2014 (have email of receipt)  -Both rear wheels have minor curb rashes, they are barely visible. -Front HFP lip has battle-scars on passenger side. -Front bumper has rock chips (keep in mind it was a full time DD) -Has the occasional surface scratch in paint and some scuffing on the dash. -Passenger side fog light got damaged from highway driving; it’s taped onto the connector with electrical tape, stays in place just fine, just needs adjusting when taking out the bulb and putting it back. -NO FENDER LINERS!! -Front tow hooks are scraped up from driving, still functional. -Fenders have been rolled in front and rear fenders have been shaved. -Rear tires have some camber wear -**DO NOT have receipts for any maintenance done to it, since either I or my buddies help me fix the car. Factory parts that can go with the car (if buyer wants): -16 inch alloy wheel with lugs (no tires) -Suspension -Camber arms -Intake -Tail lights -Hood -Comes with Manual for JR S/C kit -Comes with Honda Manual -Comes with Radio Code in case you disconnect battery -Comes with key for extended lugs and lock -Comes with extra HID bulb and ballast -Comes with box for Viper alarm including manual and charger **If buyer wants boomba motor mounts, I will throw those in to go with the car as well. General Mods: -8000k Xenon kit HID’s   -Yellow bulbs (nokyas) for running lights/high beams  -Yellow fog housing and yellow bulbs (nokyas) -Skunk2 catback exhaust (Rattles against the spring on the passenger side, just heat-wrapped it and it works fine) -Viper alarm 5704 with remote start -Gray interior is stock **If the carbon fiber is too much, I can strip most or all of it. **Will strip the decals when sold. BUYING GUIDELINES: -I require either cash, paypal or a cashier’s check up front. -Will make a receipt upon selling it. **Any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to ask. Asking for $15,500 OBO
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    -CARB LEGAL Jackson Racing Rotrex S/C kit (10psi) with 450 cc Injectors and **Flashpro for R18 **Will be unlocked upon selling it; will provide proof that it’s unlocked when time comes         **Will come with flashdrive that has original tune from Jackson Racing on it.         **Supercharger has it"s own oil reservoir, so no need to change it when doing regular engine oil changes. Every 2 years or every 50,000 miles is Jackson Racing"s recommendation for changing rotrex oil. Will come with the rotrex oil. -Carbon fiber hood dampers -VIS carbon fiber hood  -Password JDM cooling plate -Password JDM fuse box cover -Red (Honda) Valve cover 
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    -Full HFP Lip kit  -LED OEM tail lights (really clean looking, look way better than the boring stock tail lights) -Color match roof spoiler -Carbon fiber vinyl wrap on roof  -Carbon fiber trim on roof  -Carbon fiber trim by mirrors  -Debadged CIVIC emblem in back -Red H emblems (front and back) -Trim around grille  -Door edge guards
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    -Yospeed billet door sill garnish -Red and Black headliner, sunroof and a-pillar -BRIDE red and black door panel inserts and armrest -BRIDE gradient shift boot -Red and Black custom made seat covers  -Back with red stitching leather steering wheel cover  -Black dash cover -Carbon fiber steering wheel trim  -Red H steering wheel emblem  -Carbon fiber dash and shift boot trim  -Robear Racing Pedals  -Carbon fiber trim over chrome parts in the interior  -Cusco seat rails  -Red Corsport C-Pillar  -Black with Orange trim Lloyd mats  -LED Dome and Map lights (super bright at night)
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    -17 x 9 +22 Gramlight 57 DR’s (powdercoated metallic gold) -Nitto Neogens 215/40/17 (great for camber wear) -Neochrome extended lugs with lock (comes with key) -Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilovers -Skunk2 camber arms (Maxed at approximately -4 degrees)
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    It"s a heavily modified car, it will make noises...with that being said, there may be something going on with the heat shield on the front passenger wheel. When going at highway speeds, it sometimes likes to rattle, especially when it"s windy. I"ve tried pushing the brake shield back away from the rotor, which helped a bit, but still makes that noise sometimes.

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