• 2000
  • Honda
  • Civic
  • SI EM1 Type-R
  • JDM EM1
  • 116,000
  • $6,000
  • Blue
  • 2-Door
  • Coupe
  • 5-Speed-Manual
  • 1/1/1900
  • DOHC
  • 4 Cylinders engine
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Gasoline
  • False
  • Naturally Aspirated
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2013/07/Honda-JDM-EM1-Civic-SI-EM1-Type-R-for-sale-custom-33477-188718.jpg
  • True
    im open to any trade please no junk put your self in my shoes if i was you and you was mejQuery15209726442003743653_1373856996419
  • 30 mpg
  • Rota GT3
  • No
  • G force
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Chicago Illinois

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    first of all if you are new to the JDM world and don"t even know whats P73 or Jazma or Tanabe then i dont recommend this car for you point period blank keep moving tired of noobes trying to low ball me my SIR for 3ks SMFH.....well testing waters here im not in no rush or despaired to get read of it so keep that in mind just want to see what else is out there so im interested in trades so let me know what you got and please no junks put your self in my shoes.. if you was me and i was you?.. and if i dont like what i see then i just put it back in storage and keep it till explode with no problem if you are a Real JDMer you would know what i have in my hand well I have here a real EM1 SI/SIR for sale or trade with cash the car is not running at this moment car was in storage for 2 years with that being said it wont start it dont have no spark think its cause it was seating for so long looks like its a sensor But i know the car works good i can even put it in writing and get it notarized thats how confident i am... if you like to bring a mechanic to start it up if he starts it i will pay him but not for checking it thats on you..the hood needs to be restore the car as of today everything works on the car including the PS and AC its a 2000 Real EM1 SI-R with a real JDM Type-R motor B18C P73 (this is not the B18C P72 GSR). it have a Type-R P73 LSD trany HKS Type-R short shifter Type-R shift boot Type-R floor mats Type-R P73 ECU stage 1 Exedy clutch Stage 1 Light Findanza Flywheel, stage 1 Axles.. 2 1/2 inch JDM Tanabe Cat back JDM real Jazma Mugen Headers HKS Throttle body spacer AEM V2 intake Stage 1 Distributor Stage 1 radiator 10mm cooper wires NGK Iridium sparks plugs stage 1 Light pulleys Underdox Camgears VIS Carbon fiber Hood Mugen Carbon fiber Mirrors Mugen Carbon fiber Cluster. Glow shift 3 Puds water/ temp Air/and Voltage/ Cobalt 2 pud cluster gauges Exhaust and Oil pressure HKS Fuel filter Gage also..Ground control Coilovers and Blue Tokico shocks slotted rotors all the way around with powerstop pads 16" GT3 rims and G force tires all the way around..JDM black Housing headlights 8000K HIDs ITR grill JDM Fogs Mugen front Lip ITR rear Lip JDM rear Bumper with Fog JDM side markers Jdm side window and sunroof Visors Mugen valve cover and Mugen OIL Cap thats all i can remember rite now..so if interested hit me up at 847-450-7888 im only accepting texts if you want to talk text me your number and i will call you thanks

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