• 2005
  • Honda
  • S2000
  • Turbo Hardtop Widebo
  • S2K
  • 76,000
  • $19,000
  • Black
  • 2-Door
  • Coupe
    Hard-Top AND Soft-Top convertable
  • JHMAP21455S002611
  • 6-Speed-Manual
  • 1/1/1900
  • DOHC
  • 2.2l
  • 4 Cylinders engine
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • 300 BHP
    Good for 340WHP on the included 3BAR map
  • 240 BTQ
    good for 290 with new MAP
  • Gasoline
  • False
  • Turbocharged
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2012/01/Honda-S2K-S2000-Turbo-Hardtop-Widebo-for-sale-custom-29369-757042.jpg
  • True
    ONLY for Lotus Elise or Exige
  • 76,000 Miles
  • 25 mpg
  • Yes
  • 225/35/18
  • 275/40/18
  • $20,000
  • 18000


Knob Noster Missouri

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    I have many plans this year, and I am at a fork in the road. I can either keep the S2k and continue to mod it, or sell it and move to my next platform. I don"t have to sell it at all, but I figure I will put it up, and if I get what I want out of it, great. If not, I can keep it. DISCOUNTS: Will take $3,000 off for the turbo kit and EMS if its unwanted. Another $700 off if the hard-top is not wanted.
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    Modified Greddy turbo kit Ported hotside of turbo to prevent boost-creep with open exhaust AEM EMS V1 RC 550CC injectors Walbro 255 Fuel pump Greddy oil filter re-location Greddy RS BOV AEM Electric Boost control solenoid wired to AEM EMS Valve cover and spark plate getting re-powder coated right now. Oil return bung getting re-located to timing chain cover right now. AEM Dry Intake filter All IC piping and FMIC Powder coated Gloss Black Electric 2.5" cutout in place of cat. GM 3-bar map awaiting install
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    Mugen Replica top OEM Front Latches, Bolt-in rear Custom 3/8" Lexan rear glass ASM Rear fender flares, OEM 1/4 panels removed and re-seamed underneath. Flares installed with Rivi-nuts and Bolts for re-move ability. Custom flared OEM front fenders, Flared FULLY into bumper (Not normally done) ASM Front bumper, also modified to match fender flare work APR Fully Carbon Splitter with stabilizer bars. CR Clear side-markers. OEM rear bumper flared to match ASM Flares. RX7 Chaser carbon side diffusers Windows tinted 20% Formula One Ceramic film Cut OEM hood mod. Tail lights tinted OEM AP1 deck lid Spoiler
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    Custom wrapped radio door lid (removable) Custom short shifter and CR shift knob Pioneer Premier Head unit Custom USB port molded into dash, connect to headunit. GARMIN NUVI 550 on custom dash mount, hidden wiring. AEM Data-stream 19 in 1 gauge connected to the AEM EMS Custom fiberglass box molded to toolwell, 10" Sub Upgraded Low beam HID Ballasts and retrofitted High beam HID ballasts.
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    Cobra-R replicas 18x9+22F and 18x10+24R Nankang NS-II 225/35/18F and 275/40/18R Megan Track Pro 18way coilovers w/ pillowball mounts Suspension set at -2.4* Camber front and -2.7* camber rear. SR48 "Rainbow" Lug nuts Alignments by Olathe Honda (Frank Anconda)
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    Drivers side side diffuser has damage to the gel-coat from hitting a spike strip coming off base one day, been told its re-parable, however I have just been looking for a replacement (these are no-longer made) Front splitter has some VERY fine spider-webbing in a small 2"x4" area from hitting a possum, really not visible but want to be upfront. Antenna not installed, though I have it. Carfax might show an incident from earlier this year, right when I get the car back from the body shop there was a hit-and run on it in a parkinglot. damage was 100% limited to the bumper cover and headlight. NO frame damage at all! Bumper was re-paired by the same body shop (Kelly Williams Auto Body in Bucyrus KS) that did all of the bodywork previously and fixed it 100% Light curb rash on the front passengers wheel, will be repairing next time I get tires. Some on rear pass as well. ONLY mechanical problems I ever had was the COMMON TCT rattle which is repaired and a bad battery which was just replaced with a new one.

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