• 2000
  • Honda
  • Civic
  • dx
  • 83,213 Miles
  • $9,500
  • Yellow
  • 3-Door
  • Hatchback
  • black
  • 2HGEJ56323YH10712
  • 5-Speed-Manual
  • 2/20/2009 11:35:54 PM
  • DOHC
  • 1.6l
  • 4 Cylinders engine
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • 174 WHP
  • 114 WTQ
  • Gasoline
  • True
  • Naturally Aspirated
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2009/02/19756_Honda_Civic_128796471084507000.JPG
  • False
  • 25 MPG
  • No


woodinville Washington

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    the car came with the front bumper all messed up from a blot out, and the fender liners all ripped out. so, i replaced everything on the front end. including brand new fender liners from honda. the paint was done in a booth professionally by Jeremy of L&M autobody, the paint is PPG and the clear is PPG as well. it was baked at 165 for 10 mins. i have yet to cut and buff it, but have waxed it, unfortunately with all this snow, i havent had the chance to polish and buff. all parts are OEM honda, no off brand parts. i only wanted to purchase name brand things, to keep it quality. it has some door dings on the drivers side, 3 i think. we spent over 80 hours on the prep, as any painter will say, that's the most important part. all jams were painted, including the trunk, i removed all sound deadening materials and sanded it down. this includes the bay as well.

    -OEM honda CTR headlights
    -OEM honda front bumper cover
    -OEM honda JDM thin side moldings
    -OEM honda fenders with side markers
    -OEM honda Civic Si hood bra
    -OEM honda CTR grill
    -OEM honda CTR rear lip
    -OEM honda Power folding mirrors
    -OEM honda CTR rear emblem
    -OEM honda DOHC- TEC decal
    -raybig JDM yellow fogs
    -ViS CF hood
    -Seibon CF CTR wing
    -Zearth Grounding strap
    -Honda Access window visors
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    i pulled the motor when i had the car painted so i could sand and make the bay beautiful for the paint. when i put the motor back in, i reloomed the harness, and tucked it. the harness was tucked with the help of Jun from InTec racing. very few wires were cut and extended and every single wire was check for continuity after the tuck. the motor had an entire rundown, all things were check and many replaced. i wanted to do a 100,000 mile tune up befor i sold so that would not be an issue to the buyer. when i put the motor back in, i rang up about 400$ bill with the Honda of Kirkland for only bolts and fittings so i could replace the only ugly ones. thats the motors story. i have kept all receipts.

    -new timing belt
    -new type r water pump
    -new belt tentioner
    -radiator flushed
    -brake fluid flushed
    -clutch fluid flushed
    all new liquids in the car
    tons of new OEM honda bolts.
    -new distributor (mine was shot) OEM brand new!
    -nology hotwires w/ individual grounding straps.
    -slim fan
    -password:JDM CF intake
    -new fule filter
    -spoon res. covers
    -new NGK spraks
    -cat back magnaflow exhaust with a dinan tip. sounds really good.

    Type r LSD tranny btw...
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    looking for something new to tinker with, this car is my DD so the mileage changes, but i dont go far. there were no short cuts taken, no crappy parts put on my car, no untrained hands on my car. belive me, with the labor receipts i have, you will see what im talking about. the shop had my car longer then me, well, not really. but you get the point. i used quality as my goal, and simplicity. thanks for taking the time to check it out!


    Year: 2000
    make: honda
    model: civic hatch
    mileage: 87,xxx on the odo, idk the chassie...
    motor mileage: 88-90,000 not sure the exact.

    power windows
    no a/c
    no p/s

    Car was tuned at Intec Racing and put out 174 hp and 114 ft tq to the wheels. tuned by Lowrance on chrome.
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    the interior is one of the best parts, because its kinda unique in what i did. i took a dye and hit all the interior panels, except the dash, and dyed them black. it matches perfectly the actual ctr interior, and it makes it a lot cleaner on the inside. i hated the dark Grey interior. while it was being painted i pull everything except the dash. so i was able to clean under the carpet. i bought new interior fittings and put the interior back together meticulously. so its very clean inside my car at all times. i hate clutter.

    -OEM honda CTR carpet
    -OEM honda CTR floor mats
    -OEM honda USDM ITR seats (super clean, no rips or burns)
    -OEM honda CTR armrest delete
    -PWJDM CTR shift boot
    -Buddy club spec 2 racing dual bend SS
    -Energy suspension Shifter bushings
    -black interior
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    nothing much to tell about this, it rides good, but unfortunately i have to keep my car kinda high because of my frigging driveway. so if ur wondering why its not very low, believe me, i want to lower it more!

    -Front: Tein Super street coilovers
    -Rear: Koni yellows w/ GC coils
    -3 pt strut tower bar
    -c pillar bar
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    2 door-dings
    flaw in the paint on the drivers side door
    flaw in paint on top of rear lip

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