• 2007
  • Subaru
  • Impreza WRX
  • "Stage 2 Sleeper"
  • Hawkeye
  • 56,112
  • $18,885
    Bond.... James Bond... ;-) :D
  • Gray
    UGM, Urban Grey Mettalic
  • 4-Door
  • Sedan
  • 5-Speed-Manual
  • 1/1/1900
  • DOHC
    Horizontally-opposed "Boxer" for low CG and unique rumble.
  • 2.5l
  • 4 Cylinders engine
  • All Wheel Drive
  • 300 BHP
  • 360 BTQ
  • Gasoline
    Premium Only
  • True
  • Turbocharged
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2013/07/Subaru-Hawkeye-Impreza-WRX--Stage-2-Sleeper--for-sale-custom-33540-391965.jpg
  • False
    07 or newer Chevy Avalanche LTZ.
  • 55,102 Miles
  • 26 mpg
  • Enkei 7s.
  • No
  • new!Cooper ZeonRS3-A
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Tony Richmond

La Grande Oregon

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    FINAL BIG PRICE DROP55130 mostly highway miles. (honestly, mostly highway, I work out of town) HP up 32%+ & Torque up 58%+! Clean Carfax available I have done my best to only use top-of-the-line performance parts. This car is NOT riced, murdered or sloppily modded... see below. One owner - adult. I bought it brand new in "07 (the last GREAT-LOOKING body style!) Professional tint job. (can"t remember % right now. It"s dark, LEGAL and not dangerous. This vehicle performs much better than it did when I bought it new. It still has untapped potential IF you wish to make this a serious track car. Though I have NEVER tracked it, I have built a very solid foundation with thousands of dollars in the current, high-quality mods. Other than a Subaru employee or a valet, I am the only one who has driven this vehicle. (many have asked countless times, though!) Get better performance than an STi without paying the STi price or higher insurance rates!!! NADA says, for a similarly equipped Suby, to expect the clean trade-in price of around $23,000!! They say retailer would sell it to you for around $25,700. WOW.I have seen MANY cars that were sloppy and ignorantly modded go for more than I"m asking (sadly). This car has ONLY the highest quality maintenance and performance parts. I already miss her. **I bought her new for $27k - $28k and have put over $5k into her on top of that. If you ever see this car or ride in it, you"ll KNOW it"s worth more. Just had a car enthusist / dealership manager in Portland tell me he would BUY this car for around what I"m asking here. Of course he"s there to MAKE money, so he"d be selling it to you for at least $24k or more. Saw one that was half the car this beauty is, for sale for 30k! What?!? This car is not ordinary, it"s a well taken care of, maticulously maintained, confortable, V8-killing, sleeper street machine.
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    Trim: WRX Sedan 4-Door Engine: 2.5L 2458CC H4 GAS DOHC Turbocharged VEHICLE INFORMATION Year: 2007 Make: Subaru Model: Impreza WRX Gear: AWD Transmission: Manual MODIFICATION Engine: *Cobb Access Port 2 (Protune Map by Clark Turner Tuning = EXCELLENCE), Invidia bellmouth cattless downpipe, Invidia cattless uppie, Borla Hush 3" catback, not fart-canny, just a deep authoratative roar when WOT. K&N panel filter, "snorkus" delete. *-{As thousands know, the Cobb Accessport is a truly amazing tool for tuning, diagnostics, reading/clearing codes, economy mode, valet mode, anti-theft mode, data logging, live data, fuel analysis, performance analysis, and SO much more. It really transformed this all ready quick car, especially with that Pro Tune map, made specifically for this car. Though loaded with some OTS maps, the Protune is necessary for maximum performance and safety while running with these current mods. Still, it"s NOT rough at all; it"s still my super-reliable daily driver and I love it.Can easily and quickly switch maps for better than average gas mileage!!! (4 grown adults, luggage, full tank of gas, running in a hurry up and over mountain ranges with the AC on the whole time and STILL got 25 mpg according to the Cobb AP AND my own fuel calculations. I was shocked!) Or switch it back to performance or stock mode. It"s amazing and it saves money on gas and repairs!!! }-
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    Sleeper Exterior. One owner - adult. I bought it brand new in "07 (the last GREAT-LOOKING and thus, most coveted body style) Beautiful Urban Grey Metallic really shines in the summer sunlight! (Other than passive-looking, dual-tip Borla Exhaust, classy Pro-tint job and flat, little red Hella Horns barely peaking out from behind the front facia, this WRX exterior APPEARS totally stock... Mr.Officer, Sir) Professional tint job. (can"t remember % right now. It"s dark, LEGAL and not dangerous.
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    Sharp black/graphite grey interior. Stock (comfortable!) Racing Seats. Disable seatbelt chime!!! Very Sexy Momo "KING" Dark Chrome shift knob. Sound: Stock (handy though) in-dash 6 CD player. Escort Passport 8500 x50 BLUE* radar detector, hard-wired by rv mirror. Works amazingly well. It"s the best for a reason. BLUE display! Hella brand horns. Very, very loud; much safer than OEM horns. 3-gauge pillar-pod showing boost, engine oil pressure and voltage levels. 7-color changeable. Remembers last color selected in memory. Among 6 other colors: BLUE display! Apexi Turbo Timer/ multifunction device. Interior 100% functional and well taken-care of. Interior LED lights: blue main light, super bright passenger side front and red (anti glare for night time) driver"s side. Stock lights available, but these look so classy and also functional.
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    Hotchkis 25mm Competition series front and rear sway bars. Rear are 3-way adjustable, and man, those adjustments do make a big difference in ride/handeling. Hotchkis endlinks, too. Handles like it"s on rails.
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    Ha! It"s my daily driver /street killer baby and I"m selling it, that"s about it. I just did a full service on it, cleanded and treated the K&N filter, cleanded the whole MAF area, put new Cooper Zeon RS3-A all-season performance tires on, brand new Iridiums plugs in it and recently just serviced the rear end and transmission last year... now I"m gonna sell it = "the bad" news for me, kinda wasting $$, lol. Your gain, though!

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