• 1995
  • Toyota
  • Supra TT
  • MK IV
  • 60,595
  • $18,000
  • Other Color
  • 3-Door
  • Hatchback
  • JT2JA82J2S0026889
  • 6-Speed-Manual
  • 1/1/1900
  • DOHC
  • 6 Cylinders engine
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • 325 BHP
    has not been dyno tested in 5yrs so this is the factory rating. The guy I bought it from was claiming 700"s but it felt like 400-500 to me, but I"m new at this.
  • Gasoline
  • False
  • Turbocharged
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2012/08/Toyota-Supra-TT-MK-IV-for-sale-custom-31269-459533.jpg
  • False
  • 60,595 Miles
  • No
  • nitto invo
  • 19

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LaGrange Georgia

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    Cars like the Supra are life long works of art. If your looking to buy one already done drive it for a few years and sell it this is not the Supra for you. You buy this car with the desire to make it unique and something that screams "this is me". I bought this car for 37k because I wanted a 93-97 Supra and this one had less miles and was less modded than any other I had searched. My intentions were to completely make it symbolize me. If that is not your intentions then keep searching. If you only have the money to buy the car and no money or plans of making it ever symbolize you then you don"t want this Supra. Trust me If I hadn"t focused my plans to finishing college above everything else this car would not be for sale ever.If I manage to find a way to keep it and finish college I will have it forever. Someone is very lucky for my situation and if you do not feel it is you then keep searching. A Supra lover will only sell a Supra because they have too.. I bought this car in 2007 because it was barley touched. It was gonna be my 1st tuner project but with school I have not gotten around to touching it. This Car has never had any serious mods done to it. It does have some what I consider out of date plug and play and bolt on mods such as boost controller, blow off valve, cold air intake etc.... This is a replica of the abflag wide body kit on it, but it is not molded or shaven yet so anyone with the time can easily make it a work of art or easily replace it with a cheaper less time consuming kit. Coming from a warehouse in NY I did have to replace the AC compressor and lines. AC is a must in GA and the old radiator cracked and I replaced it with a new aluminum one. Any other question just ask, "not looking for trades". Also listed on: http://www.cargurus.com http://www.mautofied.com
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    My supra runs great. I have never had a problem in the 5 years I"ve owned it. 
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    I was putting on a replica abflug wide body kit. But it"s unfinished. It can be easily replaced for something cheaper and easier to deal with. If you decide to go with something else you may have to by the original front right and left fenders if your kit does not come with fenders. 
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    I have some cheap racing seats in there that can"t be adjusted but they fit me so I dealt with it. The console pieces are painted and u may not like them so get new pieces from mytoyotaguys.com they have all stock pieces and was my go to place when replacing the ac lines and getting a new are vent for the console area. 
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    I didn"t notice a very uncomfortable ride when driving an hour to Atlanta and back but I did have 2-3 tires blowout I could blame it on Atlanta roads but it may mean the suspension needs upgrading. But driving around my city I had no problems. 
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    Besides selling it there is no bad to my supra. It is barely touched with the stock turbos still in place and working fine. It"s stock enough be a genuine project car for anyone and modified just enough to where you won"t feel bad about doing heavy mods to it (for those who hate to be the 1st to modify a stock classic).

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