• 2008
  • Mitsubishi
  • Eclipse
  • GT
  • 4G
  • 53,000
  • $18,000
  • Black
  • 2-Door
  • Coupe
  • Automatic
  • 1/1/1900
  • 3.8l
  • 6 Cylinders engine
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • 275 BHP
    Car comes stock at 263...275 is just a guess.
  • 275 BTQ
    Again...just a guess.  Comes stock around 265
  • True
  • Naturally Aspirated
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2012/06/Mitsubishi-4G-Eclipse-GT-for-sale-custom-30597-995231.jpg
  • True
    EVO VIII or IX (Pref IX)
  • 20 mpg
  • No
  • Nexen
  • $4,000
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Greensboro North Carolina

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Description & Ratings

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    Great condition. Fully loaded (Sun sound and leather) GTV6 (minus the aero kit). Car is strong and a blast to drive.  Comes with all stock parts except exhaust (I do have the stock muffler, just missing the piping) Mods: 3" Headers back exhaust with an HKS hi power axle back (note on this car is one of the best exhaust notes I"ve ever heard.) Fujita Intake (2 piece for short ram or cold air) Tanabe front upper strut bar Progress rear lower adjustable sway bar Bixenon HID kit (6k) HID Fogs (also 6k but fog lenses are tinted yellow) Catch can (needs to be sealed with thread tape and reconnected, created vacuum leak) 35% tint all around More pics to come
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    Powerful.  Torque-y.  Small vacuum leak (parts to fix included if not fixed before sold)
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    Great shape. No major blemishes.  Has pretty good amount of water spots but nothing a full detail can"t cure.
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    Spotless except for one small scuff on the passenger seat.
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    Stock with the exception of a strut bar and an adjustable sway bar.
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    As stated before, small vacuum leak to be fixed.  The sunroof sometimes doesn"t want to close (bad switch I think, but will shut once the switch is clicked back).  Small paint chip inside the passenger door handle (not visible unless you go looking for it).  A bit of curb rash on 3 wheels.

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