• 2000
  • Ford
  • Contour
  • SVT Contour
  • $14,999
  • Silver
  • 4-Door
  • Sedan
  • 1/1/1900
  • DOHC
  • 6 Cylinders engine
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • 271 WHP
  • True
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2010/10/Ford-Contour-SVT-Contour-for-sale-custom-26088-7822.jpg
  • False
  • No

Description & Ratings

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    Overall Vehicle 2000 Ford SVT Contour #0939 of 2150 - Last year this car was made - Made in 98' 99' and 2000 - less than 50,000 miles on body/chassis (49,XXX) Engine (19,XXX) Silver Frost, Midnight Blue, with Spoiler. No salvage title or any of that junk, I bought it completely stock with 14K miles in 04. Carfax will list me at the 3rd owner. I have the orginal window sticker, SVT Owner Mags, as well as the SVT Certificate. All modification has been done by SHOgoFast (Contour.org). The vehicle starts easily, 1st time, every time. Idles without issue. Power delivery is smooth and the turbo hits full boost at ~3000-3200 rpm. This really depends on how aggressive one is with the throttle. I cannot say how crazy the car is capable of being as I have not exceeded 8 psi since completing the build. I managed to get F-bombs out of both my mother and wife without leaving 2nd gear at 5 psi. Body is in excellent condition. Known blemishs. On the rear bumper there is a small flaw in the plastic. Smaller than a dime and very minor. The front bumper does have some rash on the underside of the drivers side but is completely covered by the Mirko Splitter.
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    (Motor) 2005 Sable 3L swapped in with ~15,000 miles. ~3,500 Miles since it has been in my car for a total of ~18,500. Due to the low mileage I did NOT swap out the connecting rod or main bearings. I have a set of clevite 77 rod bearings and bolts I will include with the sale. EGR and DPFE are deleted and the tuning compensates for their elimination. Just passed IL inspection this summer. No check engine lights. Heads are ported matched to the SVT lower intake manifold and retain all SVT accessories. Bugzuki intake plates used to match lower intake manifold to ported heads. SVT Contour Cams 39lbs/hr fuel injectors out of an SVT Cobra 80mm MAF adapter out of an SVT Lightning 255lph fuel pump out of an SVT Focus Large K&N Air filter located in front fender. Genuine Garrett GT3076R dual ball bearing, oil and liquid cooled turbo Turbo Blanket to reduce underhood temps and decrease turbo spool times Genuine TiAL 38mm wastegate (5psi spring) routed back into exhaust Genuine HKS SSQV blow off valve vented to atmosphere SCT Xcal2 - Road tuned by Warmonger (very highly regarded on CEG) formerly of Nautilus Performance Group (NPG) NPG Stage 2 front mounted intercooler and intercooler piping. All piping painted black. This intercooler setup has been proven to support greater than 350fwhp. I would have to ask Joey from NPG about its max HP potential, but I doubt it can be reached without further engine modification. Stainless steel turbo headers/up-pipe originally from Arizona Dyno Chip. Ceramic coated. (NOT parts store high temp paint) Stainless steel downpipe originally from ADC. (ADC no longer produces the contour turbo kit) There is a 3" highflow catalytic converter in the exhaust system, however, I do not know its condition. 3" stainless steel exhaust. Custom setup built by Stazi. Has a massive 3" straight thru stainless magnaflo resonator and a single 'camero-style' magnaflo muffler in the rear. Tips are 4" stainless steel magnaflos. It flows and sounds very good. Some say too quite, but I like not being noticed. Battery relocated to the trunk with Summit Racing relocation kit. Alternator replaced at ~42,xxx miles. Throttle Position Sensor replaced. (10/08). (Transaxel) MTX-75 built by Haines Motor Sports in Grand Rapids, MI. Quaife automatic torque biasing differential SPEC Stage III clutch and preasure plate Stock SVT flywheel re-surfaced at clutch replacement B&M Short throw shifter Momo shift knob Royal Purple Synchromax fluid Poly filled front and rear roll resistors. Made by Pole120.
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    Mirko Racing Splitter Build number in vinyl on front bumper. Build number plates underhood as well as in cabin. Stazi Gen II mesh on front oval, front bumper (not installed in PICs) and rear bumper. Fuzion ZRi tires have lots of tread left. Less than 8000 miles. Mille Miglia EVO 17" wheels. (discontinued)
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    Interior is virtually flawless. Very little wear on drivers seat and/or original floor mats. Stereo - stock CD player, it won't make it faster so I didn't bother. Gauges - In lotek 3 pod A pillar. AEM Wideband Oxygen Sensor installed in downpipe. Output for tuning is wired behind the dash, cable extends from glove box. Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor installed in rear header ~2" from the head. Oil Preassure - mechanical gauge, tapped in the main galley behind AC compressor. Boost/Vacuum gauge, measureing actual manifold preassure, installed in dash coin tray. All gauges (except AEM wideband) are Faze electroluminecent (indiglo) gauges. They are blue (when lit) and match the indiglo overlays on the stock instrument panel as well as the headlight switch and the HVAC controls. All are white-faced in the daylight.
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    Koni adjustable struts (both adjustment knobs) H&R lowering springs Rear strut tower brace (built by Rawburt) Lifetime alignments thru Firestone. (I think this is transferable)
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    AC does not work. The issue is a bad condenser. I know this, as I punctured it when installing the intercooler. I do have a replacement, but it is not currently installed. AC system worked perfectly prior to that. Needs to be turned again. If you get it tuned at 8.5 psi you will have around 351 at the wheels.

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