• 2003
  • Mitsubishi
  • Lancer EVO
  • GSR
  • Evo 8 700WHP+
  • 41,100 Miles
  • $22,999
  • Blue
  • 4-Door
  • Sedan
  • Recaro Black/Blue
  • JA3AH86FX3U121766
  • 5-Speed-Manual
  • 11/7/2008 3:55:46 PM
  • DOHC
  • 2.0l
  • 4 Cylinders engine
  • All Wheel Drive
  • 705 WHP
  • 540 BTQ
  • Gasoline
  • True
  • Turbocharged
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2008/11/18594_Mitsubishi_Lancer_EVO_128706609760675000.jpg
  • False
  • 6,000 Miles
  • 18 MPG
  • Enkei
  • No
  • Dunlop Direzza
  • 255/40/17
  • $22,000
  • 19925
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Kennesaw Georgia

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    - Evo VII Black-Housing Headlights
    - Evo VII Red-Housing Taillights
    - OEM Carbon-Fiber Spoiler Replaced @ 35000mi Under Warranty
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    Buschur-Built Race Head
    - Ferrea Heavy Duty Valve Springs
    - Ferrea Titanium Retainers
    - BR Nitrited Stainless Steel Intake Valves
    - BR Nitrited Stainless Steel Exhaust Valves
    - BR Bronze Valve Guides
    - Fully Ported & Polished
    - Milled for Flatness
    - Revolver 262 Intake Camshaft
    - Revolver 264 Exhaust Camshaft
    - ARP Headstuds
    - GReddy Kevlar Timing Belt

    Buschur-Built 2.0 Race Shortblock
    - BR Stainless Steel O-Ring
    - J&E Forged Pistons
    - Eagle Forged Rods
    - ARP Rod and Main Bolts
    - OEM Mitsubishi Bearings
    - .020 Overbore
    - Fully Balanced & Blueprinted
    - Balance Shafts Removed

    Mazworx Custom Fabricated Top-Mount GT4067R Setup
    - Precision GT4067R Turbocharger
    ... - Precision TO4S Compressor Housing
    ... ... - .70 A/R
    ... ... - 67mm Inducer
    ... ... - 84.07mn Exducer
    ... ... - 4" Inlet w/ Ported Shroud and Bullet Anti-surge Ports
    ... - Precision T4 Turbine Housing
    ... ... - .68 A/R
    ... ... - 77.8mm Inducer
    ... ... - 70.6mm Exducer
    ... ... - 3” V-Band Outlet
    ... ... - Jet-Hot Coated Black
    ... - Full Dual Ball Bearing Cartridge
    ... - Water-Cooled & Oil-Lubricated Bearing Housing
    - Mazworx Custom Top-Mount Equal Length Exhaust Manifold
    ... - Top-Mount Design w/ T4 Flange
    ... - 8 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel
    ... - Jet-Hot Coated Black
    ... - Maintains Power Steering & A/C
    - TiAL 44mm Wastegate
    - Stainless Steel External Dump Tube

    - Custom Fluidyne Radiator w/ Fal Slim Fan
    - Mazworx Custom 4" Intake Pipe
    - TopSpeed Custom 3” Lower Intercooler Piping
    - RnR Custom 26”x12”x4” FMIC w/ 3” Endtanks
    - RnR Custom 3” Short-Routed Upper Intercooler Piping
    - TiAL 50m Blow-off Valve
    - BR Mini-Battery Kit (for piping fitment)
    - BR 65mm Throttle Body
    - Double-Welded Magnus Sheet Metal Intake Manifold

    - 3" TopSpeed Custom 2-Piece V-Band Downpipe
    - 3" QTP Y-Pipe Cut-Out
    - 3" QTP Electronic Butterfly Valve
    - 3" Cat-Delete Flex Pipe
    - 3" Borla Cat-Back Exhaust

    Fuel & Ignition
    - BR/SMC Methanol Injection Kit
    - Custom Modified In-Tank Fuel Pump Housing
    - Walbro 255LPH High-Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump
    - Walbro 255LPH High-Flow Inline Fuel Pump
    - Earls -8an SS-Braided Fuel Feed Line
    - Earls -6an SS-Braided Fuel Return Line
    - ATP Billet Fuel Rail
    - Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pressure Regulator w/ Gauge
    - 1,000c Flow-Matched Precision Injectors
    - Misc. Earls Fittings
    - HKS Twin Power DLi2 Ignition Amplifier
    - RalliArt Ignition Wires
    - NGK BR9ES Spark Plugs (2-steps colder)

    Engine Management
    - AEM Stand-Alone Engine Management System (1313)
    - AEM 5 Bar MAP Sensor
    - AEM Inlet Air Temperature Sensor
    - Perrin Boost Solenoid (controlled by the AEM EMS)
    - Custom Tuned by TopSpeed

    - TRE Built Transmission w/ Almost Every Option Available
    - Shep Built Transfer Case w/ Almost Every Option
    - Shep Front LSD
    - ACT XTreme Pressure Plate (3600lbs)
    - ACT 6-Puck Disc
    - Steel-Braided Clutch Line
    - BR Front Polyurethane Motor Mount @ 90 Durometer
    - BR Rear Polyurethane Motor Mount @ 90 Durometer

    - NOS 10lb Bottle w/ Gauge
    - NOS Wet EFI Single Fogger Setup
    - NOS Purge Solenoid
    - 55shot Pills
    - Controlled by the AEM EMS Nitrous Tables
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    700WHP+ Drag / Daily Driver

    Sponsored By: Buschur Racing & TopSpeed
    (Same Car in the Videos on Buschur's Website Except W/ Faster Build Now!)

    Year: 2003
    Make: Mitsubishi
    Model: Evolution VIII GSR
    Chassis Mileage: 41,1xx (average of 7,000 per year!)
    Motor/Drivetrain Mileage: ~6,000
    Race Gas Power: 705whp
    Pump Gas Power: 614whp

    This car was built with original intentions to have a very fast drag car that was still able to be driven daily on the street. The motor was rebuilt at around 35,000 miles by Buschur Racing. The built transfer case, new turbo setup, intercooler setup, clutch, and most other mods were also done when the motor was out of the car at around 35,000 miles. The built transmission was installed at around 38,000 miles. A compression test was done a few months ago and showed perfect compression across all cylinders +/- 5.

    This car is 100% daily drivable. I used to daily this setup all the time to work and school. Normal acceleration out of boost drives fine and no slower than your normal average car. High driving with such killer top end is always a blast too. The car retains all daily driving function such as power-steering and ice-cold A/C. The clutch may take some getting used to, but is not too hard.

    This car is also a killer drag car. I used to race this Evo a lot on it's old GT35R setup and motor build (which is not the same motor build in the car now). On the GT40R setup, I've only taken the car to the drag strip once and raced a few cars on the highway. The car had fouled plugs when I was at the track due to nitrous runs on the dyno from earlier. I ran a 11.00 @ 137mph OFF the bottle, shifting at about 7,200rpm, with misfiring from fouled plugs. I am also a terrible drag racer and am not afraid to admit it. Everyone has told me that my car should easily go 9's with a good driver and rubber... I never cared to go back to the track after that 11.00 run. On the highway, I've raced a few 600whp - 800whp cars on my PUMP GAS + METH setting and never lost.

    This car can EASILY make more power from a few small changes. The 3" exhaust on the car currently is very restrictive... especially the muffler. Changing over to a 4" exhaust can easily free up another 50whp to 100whp+. The nitrous pills can also be changed out for a 100shot or higher for more power. I simply was content with a 600whp+ pump + meth and 700whp+ race gas car and didn't care for more.

    I am in no hurry to sell this car... however, I am just finally now putting it up sale for a few reasons. I rarely drive this car anymore because I always have at least one other car I drive around. I'm currently building a Supra so I've lost a lot of interest in this car. The Evo gets driven about one week out of each month just so it's not neglected. I have no use for two insanely fast street cars so I have chosen for the Evo to be sold.

    I will entertain any/all *REASONABLE* trade offers + cash on your part. If you have an offer, please make sure to give me a lot of detail about your car and a cash offer on top. Please do not low-ball me as most low-ballers will be ignored. This car is *completely* built, not just the motor like many other Evo's.

    Contact Info
    Email: ct9agsr@gmail.com
    MSN: ct9agsr@gmail.com
    AIM: ct9a gsr

    Car will be officially on EBay on Saturday 12/13/08 at 8pm EST... car is up for $27,499obo. Feel free to continue to send offers on here or look for my car on EBay and make an offer there.

    EBay Item number: 110325825936
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    - AEM Wideband Gauge
    - Autometer Boost Gauge
    - NOS Bottle Pressure Gauge
    - HKS Turbo Timer
    - SMC Methanol Controller
    - Toggle Switches For Fuel Pumps / Fan / Nitrous
    - Scroth 4-Point Racing Harnesses
    ... - Easily Detachable For Rear Passengers
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    Suspension & Tires
    - Like-New Brembo Calipers Replaced @ 35,000
    - Eibach Lowering Springs
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    The So-So:
    The exterior has a couple of smaller-than-dime-sized dings on it that are not noticeable unless you really look hard. The OEM front lip has been misplaced but can easily be replaced with an aftermarket lip. The front bumper area under the driver's headlight has a few scratches and is slightly off (see pic) due to someone hitting me while they were parking their car (>1mph collision). The rear bumper has a couple of very minor scratches that are again, barely noticeable. The engine bay is a bit dirty and could use a good clean. I try to mention all these details so no one is surprised when they come see the car.

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