• 2004
  • Dodge
  • Neon
  • SRT-4
  • SRT-4
  • 42,000 Miles
  • $15,995
  • Silver
  • 4-Door
  • Sedan
  • 5-Speed-Manual
  • 10/2/2008 1:31:46 AM
  • 4 Cylinders engine
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • 323 WHP
  • 340 WTQ
  • Gasoline
  • True
  • Turbocharged
  • http://img.modifiedcartrader.com/uploaded/TN/2008/10/17916_Dodge_Neon_128674023753008750.JPG
  • False
  • No


Winchester Virginia

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Description & Ratings

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    Body is in great condition, never had a ding.  I always park far away from people in parking lots.  The back has been debadged to give it that sleek look.  The spoiler can easily be removed if you like that sleeper look.  Has a great silver shine.
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    Stock engine and stock turbo

    • Mopar Stage II= $1000
    • ATP wastegate (makes it almost stage III)= $150
    • AEM Coldair intake= $250
    • MSD coilpack= $70
    • MSD wire= $45
    • NGK v-force spark plugs= $30
    • Custom turbo back exhaust= $1000
    • Catless downpipe= $300
    • AGP ceramic engine mounts= $30
    • Mopar block off plate blow off valve= $60

    Grand Total:  $2,935 in just the engine and whats great is that it is covered by the 70,000 powertrain warrenty covered by dodge since it is mopar parts.  This warrenty is transferrable to the new owner through a 1-800 number.

    Also i have all the stock and stage II parts and a easy to switch, so you can set it up anyway you like.

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    2004 Dodge SRT-4 with 42,000 miles.  Great condition always been serviced at the dodge dealership and oil has been changed every 3,000 miles with only mobil synthetic 1.  I recently saw a car dynoed with the same setup and it had 323 whp and 340 lb-ft.  You know that will eat most cars when it weighs only 2900 lbs.

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    Interior is fantastic.  Doesn't have any rips or tears.  Have been extremely careful from getting anything on the seats.  I never allow food or drinks in the car.  Also this car contains the factory option "Living Loud."  Which has all kicker speakers and a 10 in. sub in the trunk with a kicker amp.
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    Has been slighty lowered to give it that aggressive look and to improve handling.  It's not too low so you won't have to worry about speed bumps.
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    They are the stock wheels powder coated black.  The front tires are brand new Kumho ecsta spt.  The tire actually just came out and is a very expensive sticky racing tire.  The back has the goodrich bfg g-forces known for the SRT-4.  I have both so that you can switch it from front to back when you feel like it.

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